Competitive paintball can be confusing!  After your first event or two the process will make sense, but if it’s your first time competing or playing in the MSXL, here are some step-by-steps to help get you started.

  • STEP 1) Create a PB Leagues Account

    All MSXL players must create a player profile on  prior to your first event.  PB Leagues is a separate company from the MSXL, but their registration website is used for most paintball tournaments in the USA.

  • STEP 2) Purchase Your MSXL ID Card

    Once you’ve created a PBLeagues account, the next step is to purchase your MSXL ID for the year.  PURCHASE YOUR ID CARD BEFORE YOUR MSXL EVENT TO SAVE $$.  ID cards are $40 prior to the final entry deadline of each event – $50 at events and last for an entire season.

    To purchase your ID card, click this link or go to, then click any upcoming MSXL event, then click the button labeled “PLAYER MEMBERSHIP”.  Follow the steps to complete your profile and purchase your ID.

    You can also purchase your player ID card at the event, but it is more expensive.

  • STEP 3) Register Your Team for a MSXL Event

    Now that you’ve got an account and player ID, it’s time to register your team.

    Click this link or go to, click the MSXL event you want to sign up for, then click the button labeled “REGISTER YOUR TEAM”. Follow the steps and you are ready to play!

    Note – You will need the PBLeagues ID#’s for your teammates to add them to your team’s roster.  You can add players at anytime, however, so now rush if you don’t have your teammates ID #’s when you register your team.

  • STEP 4) Pay Your Entry Fee

    Once your team is registered for the event, it’s important to pay your entry fee early to avoid late fees.

    Click this link or go to, click the MSXL event you signed up for, then click the button labeled “TEAM LIST”.

    You should see an icon to pay for your team’s entry fee next to the team name.  Complete your payment and you are good to go.

  • STEP 5) Arrive EARLY

    All teams will be e-mailed an event schedule a few days prior to the event.  This schedule will have your team’s match times on it.

    When you arrive the day of your event, your entire team will need to register with PB Leagues prior to gameplay.

    WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND ARRIVING AT THE VENUE 1-2 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST SCHEDULED MATCH.  This allows you enough time to gear up, sign in, and be fully prepared,