Music City Open 2017



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  • Moved from SoCal. Need team. 10 yrs exp/have$$$/will travel July 10, 2017
    Been doing this for a decade Was ranked D2 in old NPPL, D2/D1 in PanAm,XPSL,WCCPA whatever it is now back in California Unranked in new APPA, been mostly scrimming and playing lightly since I took a couple years off from the competitive scene when the financial crisis hit and paintball...
  • - Camera for Hire @Mid-Ohio Open July 7, 2017
    Noah of will be attending MSXL 2017 events! I cover all types of extreme professional sports, including UFC/Bellator MMA, Motor/Arenacross, Downhill skating and Skateboarding however Paintball is what I call home, playing for well over 15 years, tourneys to scenarios, I know the...
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