Here it is folks.

Due to the overwhelming interest in our first event of the year we have made a venue change. With over 80 teams signed up to date and more to come we have moved to a location that will better suit our growing needs.

We are Xtremely excited to be teaming up with the Louisville Water Tower Park, The Water Tower is the oldest ornamental water tower in the world and is going to be a great backdrop for our event.




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  • Vendors at MSXL March 12, 2018
    I know Planet Eclipse has previously been at MSXL events. Does anybody know if they will be at event #1? If so, will they be open on Friday to receive markers? Thanks
  • Event #1 Mega Practice February 27, 2018
    Any mega practices going on the week before the event? Looking for a lot of MSXL teams to grind against. Preferably somewhere like LVL UP.
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