Winners – Valken Paintball Asylum Open

Congratulations to the winning teams of the Valken Paintball Asylum Open. We had an amazing event, and look forward to seeing all of the teams again at the championship!

RaceTo-4 (5-man) D3 Winners

  1. Abilene Addiction
  2. STL Freestyle
  3. Asylum TrueBallers


Abilene Addiction STL FreestyleAsylum TrueBallers 

RaceTo-4 (5-man) D4 Winners

  1. Indy Savage
  2. DOOM
  3. XFT


Indy SavageDOOM XFT

RaceTo-2 (5-man) D4 – Winners

  1. Saints Army
  2. Deception
  3. Impulsive

 Saints ArmyDeception Impulsive

RaceTo-2 (3-man) D5 – Winners

  1. Vintage
  2. Status
  3. Khaos

VintageStatus  Khaos



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